The area around Cala d'Or is the ideal place to go cycling, and especially during spring and autumn, when the clima is very mild, it's the perfect surrounding.

International teams and athletes are visiting us on Mallorca for their training.

For 2018 we renew our bicycle range again. We will have a wider choice of carbon bikes and all in all offer about 150 bikes.

    Our bicycle rental offers you:

  • E-Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Cross Bikes, TrekkingBikes, City Bikes, Race Bikes and Kids Bikes.
  • You can rent helmets, child seats or a kids trailer.
  • Included in your rental is a lock and a map of Majorcas South East to find the points of interest and nice routes.
  • We are happy to recommend you the perfect matching bike and excursion.
  • Our guided excursions are suited for every fitness level, starting with a short excursion, a trip to some beaches or a sporty half day trip.
  • The road service (additional charge) and our telephone hotline support you in case of an incident, if you hava a puncture or lost the way.
  • In our bike garage we offer space for more than 200 bikes, you can store also your own bike there safely.    



We offer you the following excursions:

  • easy: Portopetro & Mondrago, 15km
  • medium: Porto Colom & S'Algar, 25km
  • medium: Mondragó, 25km
  • medium: Santanyi Markt, 30km
  • intense: San Salvador, ROAD, 50km
  • intense: Castell de Santuari, MTB, 25km     

We devided the Bikes into the following categories:


The Basic Bikes are the right choice if you are looking for transportation to the beach, a brief excursion through the valleys or go shopping.

You can choose from City Bies with or without Back braking pedals, deep instep and an upright seating position, as well as Cross Bikes (Ladies and Men versions) from the previous season.

Price: 12€/ day


Your tool for some sportive training or a tour through the stunning landscape of Majorca. The bikes are all set up with high quality hydraulic disc brakes, suspension and gears.

You can choose from Mountain BIkes, Cross Bikes and Trekking Bikes with a rack, light and fenders.

Price 15€/ day


The best of the best!

The Premium Bikes are made from Carbon Fiber and the latest and best models on the market. The light and stiff frames and the sportive and modern geometry helps you to beat your own records.

You can choose from Mountainbikes and Race Bikes. Awesome!


Progress doesn't stop: Now we also offer PREMIUM+ Bikes.

Price from 30€/ day


The E-Bikes are equipped with the strongest batteries on the market and therefore garanty you a fantastic range. Depending on the route you will be able to do more than 100km. If you never used an E-Bike, this is your chance to try it during your vacation. Learn a new way of mobility.

You can choose from Trekking Bikes and Mountain Bikes.

Price 30€/ day

City Bikes

Basic Category

City Bikes are the right choice for an easy trip. The deep instep frames (as well with back breaking pedals) with their classic grip shift are as well suitable for less trained cyclists. We have all bikes in different frame sizes.

The bikes are suitable for a comfort orientated cyclist that want to go rather short distances.

1 day 12€

Trekking Bikes

Sport Category

The Sport Trekking Bikes are easy running sportive bicycles which are really comfortable, due to their upright seat position. Even the saddle has an additional suspension! The hydraulic disc brakes, the lights and fenders make them safe and an every day bike. The front suspension has a lock out function in case to make the bike more "road bike-ish".

We both offer Ladies and Mens Frames.


1 day 15€

Cross Bikes

 Sport Category 

The brand new Ghost Cross Bikes are nearly as fast as pure Race Bikes, but still offer comfort due to a comfortable geometry and seat position. The Continental Tires with extra puncture protection offer a great grip for any weather conditions. The front suspension has a lock out and the ratio of the gears is rather speed orientated. Still the bikes permit cycling on easy off road tracks/ gravel.

1 day 15€


We offer bikes of both categories as Ladies ad Men frames.

Mountain Bikes

Sport Category

The 27'5er and 29er Ghost Kato Mountain Bikes are cool! XT gears, coose from two or three chain rings, Rock Shox front suspension with Lock Out, the full choice of frame sizes and the choice between 27'5er or 29er. The 27`5er are more handy in difficult terrain and ideal for rather short or medium high riders The 29ers are great for longer distances and brillant on asphalt.

Premium Category


Premium = Carbon Frame Hardtails and Aluminium- or Carbon Fullys. Fox Float Performance suspension, Rock Shox RS1, XT group set,  telescope saddle. We have the models Ghost Asket, Lector ,SL AMR and Kato FS 


aluminium hard tail

Category: Sport, 1 day 15€, 1 week 85€


Your companion for light off road excursions. High quaility components. and a relaxed seating position.

- Adults: 27"5er & 29er

- Teenager: 26"er

- 100mm Rock Shox 30 solo air poploc & Silver poploc Suspension

. Shimano XT gears (3x11 & 2x10)


27´5er carbon hard trail

Category: Premium, 1 day 30€, 1 week 130€


The FUN Mountain Bikes! The wide 650B tires and long travel front suspension result in a super fast off road machine.

- 27´5 wheels Sizes: M & L

- 130mm 32 FOX Float Performance

- Shimano XT gears 2x10


29er carbon hard tail

Category: Premium & Premium+, 1 day ab 30€, 1 week 130- 150€

The award winning racing machine from Ghost. Aggressive Handling, unlimited speed and a Bike with less than 11kg weight!

- 29 wheels Sizes: S, M, L & XL

- 100mm Rock Shox Reba RL & FOX Performance 32 3 pos micr adj

- Shimano XT gears 2x11

Kato FS

aluminium full suspension

Category:  Premium,  1 day 30€, 1 week 130€

The entry to the full susension world. Comfort+ safety and the balanced set up let trails appear easier than ever...

- 27´5er wheels Sizes: M, L & XL

- 130mm & 130mm FOX float Performance

- Shimano XT gears 2x11


carbon full suspension

Category: Premium+, 1 day 35€, 1 week 150€


This bike makes bikers world coming true! Carbon fiber frame, 27´5er wheels and best components, paired with a sportive geometry! Let's rock!

- 27´5er wheels Sizes: M L, & XL

- 130mm & 130mm FOX float Performance

- Shimano XT gears 2x11

Road Bike

The Nivolet Race Bikes from Ghost are still a bit of a secret in the racing scene and since the new frame was introduced last season they more than one test and race. The Nivolet gets Ghost quite some new friends.

Even though the bike feel very comfortable the bikes are very stiff and fast as Flash. The well chosen set up makes the bike the right choice for your training on Majorca.

Nivolet LC2, 105

Carbon frame, Category: Premium, 1 day 30€, 1 week 130€

The LC2 is the first model of the profesional racing line. The light carbon frame and  approved components plus a wide choice of frame sizes.

- Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

- Carbon frame

- Shimano 105 gears


- FSA brakes

Nivolet EBS, Ultegra

Ultra light carbon frame, less than 7 Kg, full Ultegra, Category Premium+, 1 day 35€, 1 week 150€

The EBS  is a limited version of the Ghost Nivolet and a pure weapon. The stiff annd super light frame is a sensation.

- Sizes: M, L, XL

- Ultra light carbon frame

- Complete Ultegra, 2x11

- Mavic Xsyrium S Elite wheels

Nivolet LC4, Ultegra

The Race Machine  LC4 is set up completely with Ultegra, Category: Premium+, 1 day 35€, 1 week 150€

This Race Machine is propably the best seller. If you don't get where you want, it's not the bikes mistake!

- Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL

- Carbon frame

-  complete Ultegra, 2x11

- Mavic Xsyrium Elite wheels

Nivolet LC6, Di2 Ultegra

The new Race bike with electronic gears!  Category Premium+, 1 day 35€, 1 week 150€

That's as far as cycling goes these days. The new Shimano Di2 gears a worth trying, you won't get a more precise shifting!

- SIzes: S, M, L

- Carbon frame

- Elektronic gears Ultegra Di2, 2x11

- Ultegra brakes

- Mavixc Xsyrium Elite wheels

Nivolet X7, Ultegra & Disc Brakes

Style meets high tech, the X-Serie from Ghost is tuned to the detail.Category: Premium+, 1 day 35€, 1 week 150€

Let's try Disc Brakes on a Race Bike.

- Sizes: M, L, XL

- Carbon frame

- Ultegra 2x11 gears

- Disc Brakes

-Mavic Xsyrium Elite Disc wheels


Choose from E-Mountain Bikes or E-Trekking Bikes.

Both types are equipped with the strongest motor from Bosch and as well the best batteries. This results in a enormous range.

The different modes offer you to choose how much support you want to get delivered by the engine and can switch them spontaneously. The Mountain Bikes are even set up with Shimano XT gears.

Fast bikes need good brakes, this is why appropiate hydraulic disc brakes are used. The perfect protection against punctures comes with the special e-bike tyres.

Of course we offer different sizes.

Just as our competitors mention: Electricity is included, as well as a detailled explication of the bike and an individual set up.

The bikes belong to the premium category and cost 30€ for the first day, a week is 130€.


  Basic Bikes Sport Bikes Premium Bikes Premium Plus Bikes
1 day  12€ 15€ 30€ 35€
2 days 24€ 30€ 50€ 60€
3 days 30€ 45€ 70€ 85€
4 days 40€ 55€ 85€ 110€
5 days 48€ 65€ 100€ 125€
6 days 55€ 75€ 115€ 138€
7 days 60€ 85€ 130€ 150€
+1 day +5€ +8€ +12€ +12€
  • Ghost Kidsbikes
  • Ghost Cityikes                     
  • MTB Ghost Kato
  • Crossbike Ghost Square
  • Trekkingbike Ghost Square                     
  • MTB Ghost Asket LC2
  • MTB Ghost Lector 3
  • MTB Ghost Kato FS5
  • Rennrad Ghost Nivolet LC2                     
  • MTB Ghost Lector 6
  • MTB Ghost SL AMR 6
  • MTB Ghost SL AMR 7
  • Rennrad Ghost Nivolet LC4
  • Rennrad Ghost Nivolet LC6
  • Rennrad Ghost Nivolet X6                     

Included in the rental are: Lock, helmet, pump, bag with spare inner tube and levers (6€ if used)