The windsurfcenter Cala d'Or is the ideal place to learn and practice windsurfing. Beginners and advanced windsurfers will enjoy our little bay.

The inner part of the bay is both protected by the waves and too strong winds and the perfect surrounding for the first attempts on the board. The outside part of the bay gets much more wind and on the open sea you are ready to fly. Depending on the part of the season the weather and wind is more or less easy to predict and reliable. During the summer we usually have a thermal breeze in the afternoon with an average of 2 to 4 Beaufort.

Windsurfing tuition is our favourite discipline. You can participate at our courses from 9 years of age. The perfect equipment for everybody makes it easy to achieve a succesfull start in your windsurf life. We offer courses starting weekly, for beginners, intermediates and advanced windsurfers.

Take a bit of your time and learn windsurfing this summer! You 'll never forget; it's as all balance-activities, cycling etc. By the way... we offer bikes as well.

We are specialized in windsurfing tuition! We can count on more than 20 years of experience and that influences all of our courses.

From beginner to expert we teach you with our own method, developed with time, skills and the intention to make every windsurfer the best. In comparison to other schools where the tuition is a department run with little enthusiasm and the money is made with rental, we are focussing on courses...

Windsurfing is an activity where you never stop learning, thats why we ourselves still enjoy it that much after all those years. But this process stops for many windsurfers in schools with far to big groups and not matching equipment and it gets boring... not with us! Word!

We teach in groups of max 8 people and split and reorganise groups as soon as we observe different demands and even offer individual lessons if required.

After the course you can arrange to continue practicing during your stay for a fix price, of course under supervision of the team. We don't let anybody "alone" on the water, if any questions come up we will be there.

Because of the special location of the school with its two safe bays plus the additional option to surf on the open sea we offer windsurfers of all skills the right training environment.

Right in front of the surfschool we are doing the first exercises and steps on the board. The wind is soft, there aren't many waves and we are close to the school.

The inner part of the bay is where most of the lesson is taking part. It's not as windy as on the open sea and we hardly have any waves- and you are not further away from the land than a couple of hundred meters/yards.

In case of any trouble we are with you within a short moment having our rescue boat always ready.

For the ones that are more experienced we have the outside part of the bay. Beside the fact there is less waves and boat traffic the wind is most of the days the same as on the open sea.

Teenager Course

From an age of 9 years and some decent swim skills you can participate at this course. Goal is to be able to windsurf  after the two days. The groups are with maximum 5 participants.



2 days a 1,5h hours lesson + 30 min free training 149€


every saturday and sunday from 10.30 - 12.00am


Windsurfing Course

Within just four days you can learn windsurfing. Beside many excersises and trainings on the water the course contains as well some theory units (meteorology, right of way, safety and equipment).


4 days a 2 hours lesson + free training (depending on availability as much as you want) : 349€


every tuesday to friday from 10.30- 12.30pm

Compact Course

The fastest way onto the board. On one day in 2,5 hours lessonyou will learn basics of windsurfing




2,5 hours lesson: 99€



every sunday from 12.00- 2.30pm 

We offer the following dates for our windsurfing courses in summer 2021:

The dates listed below may vary if, for security reasons, an appointment cannot be used for windsurfing! Since in this case the decision is made by us, compensation appointments are offered free of charge!

In the case of uneven winds, a few drops of rain or even clouds, we can still go windsurfing;)

Please use the form below to make a reservation.

25% of the course price is to be paid upon reservation and is non-refundable.

The remaining 75% must be paid up to 15 days before the start of the course, otherwise the reservation will expire.

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